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An emergency shower and eye wash station must be available within in a ten second walk from each area where hazardous substances are used. Why are emergency showers or eyewash stations important? The first 10 to 15 seconds after exposure to a hazardous substance, especially a corrosive substance. Safety showers provide an effective means of initial treatment in the event of chemical contamination of skin or clothing. The safety shower must be readily.

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EYEWASH AND SAFETY SHOWER USE AND TESTING PROCEDURE – LBSY-‐‐ of worker exposure to hazardous substances, especially in lab settings. Don't work alone in a lab when using hazardous materials. Know the location of safety showers and eyewashes. Know the effects of the chemicals you are. We offer extensive lab planning services to help you maximize available space and provide safe, effective and attractive ADA Safety Shower Center.

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Approved safety shower and eyewash stations shall be available to A testing log should be kept by the principle investigator, lab manager, or lab. If there is a potential for a worker to suffer a chemical splash to the skin, a safety shower must be provided in the laboratory for immediate and thorough. What is the flow rate required for the eye wash and safety shower? The DOE lab manual (page 16) recommends that the eyewash should provide water (78F–92F.