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The Hagerty Driving Academy is a full day hands-on course for drivers with at least a learners permit and 20 hours of driving experience. Important fundamental. Aceable is, without a doubt, the absolute best driving school for teens that can be taken online. Aceable is actually one of the newest online driving schools. Our staff includes educators who have a lot of experience teaching in a way that engages teenagers, which is critical to teach new drivers.

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Teenager Driving Classes · Standard Package (teenager) – $ 24 classroom hours; 8 behind the wheel hours. Please, log in to make a payment · Sign Up. Per VA DMV, all Teenagers (Under 18) MUST complete 30hrs of Drivers Education (Classroom or Online) in order to receive their Driver's License. Providing driving techniques not found in a typical drivers' education classroom, the Teen Defensive Driving Program puts students of all ages behind the.

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Teen Driving Solutions Course Dates Hear From Parents and Teens Who Attended Our Program. I Want to See the Testimonials. Advanced driving instruction and safe drivers training from current racing drivers to keep teens and adults safe on the road. A driver's license for teenagers is a ticket to freedom, a big step on their way to adulthood, and a first taste of independence. AA Plus Driving School.