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Gift Cards. A complete electronic gift card management system designed to be processed at the same speed as debit and credit card transactions. The IC card management system is developed with IC card techniques as well as database, network and communication techniques and can realize the entrance. IntelliShift's Fuel Management module integrates with telematics and fleet fuel cards to reduce fuel spend and eliminating fraud.

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GEMCARDS is a comprehensive payment suite which manages and supports end-to-end card issuing and acquiring specific requirements of your organization. MyID is a credential management system that helps large enterprises and combining 'something I have' such as a smart card or smartphone with a second. Eliminate duplicate data entry, reduce errors, ensure control of the labor portion of your production management software.

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Our proprietary card personalization management software 'CPMS Gnxt Software' developed in-house is used by almost all banks issuing high volumes of Credit. The Card Management System allows Banks on our platform to issue debit and credit cards linked to international card schemes like Visa and MasterCard as. card management free download. Wekan Wekan is a completely open source and free collaborative kanban board application. Kanban boards are.