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The Merchant of Venice is a play written in the s by the English playwright William Shakespeare. It concerns a Jewish moneylender in Venice named Shylock. The Merchant of Venice tells the story of Bassanio, who is too poor to attempt to win the hand of his true love, Portia. In order to travel to Portia's estate. A third plot line is a love affair between Lorenzo, a friend of Bassanio, and Jessica, Shylock's daughter. These two have no problem with the Christian/Jewish.

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In Venice, Solanio and Salerio hear that some of Antonio's ships are lost, and Shylock promises to redeem his bond. Another Jew, Tubal, brings him news of. This animated summary follows Shakespeare's tradition of wordplay and sets the story of The Merchant of Venice in space, replacing 'Venice' with 'Venus'. The Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare is a play that follows the merchant Antonio – who is regularly lending money to his friend Bassanio. This causes.

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than any man in all Venice. Venice. A public place. Enter BASSANIO and SHYLOCK. SHYLOCK To be brief, the very truth is that the Jew, having. Antonio, a leading merchant of Venice, is a wealthy, respected, and popular man. Among his many friends is a young man named Bassanio, who owes Antonio a. The Merchant of Venice follows the tale of a man who needed money to gain the favor of a woman, and to pass a test in order to gain her hand.